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A Patchwork Quilt is a beautiful gift which can be treasured a lifetime.


All my Quilts are made with 100% cotton quality quilting fabrics. I love to use a mix of prints in my Quilts which range from Vintage, Retro, 1930's prints, Japanese designs and Contemporary designs.


The sizes of my Quilts range from Bassinet size for Newborn babies, Snuggle Quilts and first Play Quilts for young babies, Cot Quilts, Large Throw Quilts for Toddlers first beds and some Quilts for Single Beds.


Some Quilts may have appliqued designs on them which are all hand-stitched.


All my Quilts are machine quilted and some may have hand-quilting.


The pricing of my Quilts will vary depending on the size of the Quilt, amount and types of fabrics used in the quilt, the amount of cutting and sewing involved in piecing the Quilt together, the type of quilting and the amount involved on the quilt (machine quilting & hand quilting) and the time involved in creating the Quilt.


These are all factors which are considered when I price a Quilt. For this reason no two quilts of the same size can be expected to be the same price.



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